WebSphere Operational Decision Manager 7.5

A new release of JRules just came out. Sadly the name changed, for Operational Decision Management. The components are also renamed, it may be to do not confuse the new product manager, who is also responsible of IBM BPM. Therefore Rule Studio is now Rule Designer, and Rule Team Server is named Decision Center, RES new name is Decision Server. The following diagram illustrates the new components.

The big change in this release,   is the event filtering rules as part of the product. The Event Designer is an eclipse plugin, as Rule Designer is. It is a port of WBE development environment into eclipse and the filters are also managed within the decision center. This is very important to have one platform to govern all the authoring and deployment of rules and filters.

There is a lot of buzz around decision management, it is time to say bye to BRMS acronym. Business rules are becoming decision now!. Which sometime make senses but a lot of use cases for BR are outside of decisioning: product configuration, filtering elements, mapping data elements… Obviously as decision can be broadly applied to any piece of software: taking the decision of mapping data elements, taking decision of configuring the product, taking the decision of schedule the airplane crew… Even when I develop a dojo front end, I can code decision in javascript…
Adding the term operational to the business rules makes sense , as WODM is designed to manage only business rules aimed for execution.
We will write a post on filtering syntax and pattern.


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2 responses to “WebSphere Operational Decision Manager 7.5

  1. Raqib

    Well the question is, with such drastic changes in their approach, how is IBM thinking about supporting existing implementations e.g; RTS or business rules those are currently embedded in other applications. Wondering if there is any comprehensive plan to provide meaningful and easy migration.

  2. Suresh V.

    How about certification? I have been procrastinating ilog/jrules certification for a while, after practicing BRMS for 3+ of years. Now with the WODM7.5 out does it make sense taking a 000529 (ILOG/JRules 7.0) or 000181 (ILOG/JRules BRMS 7.5)? Is that too much variations to these two?

    Appreciate any comments.

    Thank you


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